Turbomachines – The name says it all

As is clear from our name, we handle everything about your turbo machinery. Our specialty is fast, reasonably priced procurement and repair or manufacture of spare parts. We are very flexible and work on turbo machinery of all manufacturers.

As experienced engineers and builders, we also reverse engineer them. Here, we will manufacture exact replicas of the defective or missing parts, in a quality that is nothing short of the original.

Turbomachines quickly provides you with exact suitable spare parts, and that too all over Europe.

Why Turbomachines?

Turbomachines offers you service for your turbo machinery irrespective of make with special focus on spare parts. Moreover, we are your competent partner for all technical queries related to maintenance, servicing or repair of turbo machinery.

For example, we can apply our experience to your problems with oil-, steam- or other fluid seals. Here, we work together with other companies like Inpro/Seal®.

We can offer you a wide product range for steam turbines and compressors. Here, we will not only provide you trade parts like seals, screws, bearings or filters. Turbomachines also utilizes reverse engineering, we can even recreate complex parts like valve spindles, turbine vanes, compressor impeller, labyrinth bushes or oil seal rings

We offer you bearings and suitable seal options for transmissions, generators and pumps. And naturally we also provide you spare parts for hydraulics and measuring instruments.

Also: Turbomachines is a brand of the MGM Maschinenbau Gesellschaft Mülheim mbH company. We are a young company with employees who bring decades of experience and expertise in turbo machinery.

Turbomachines delivers high quality 

Even when our prices are often much lower than those for original spare parts: You get spare parts in OEM quality from us. Our repair- and test service is on the same level with the service of manufacturers of turbo machinery worldwide. As clients, you have double advantage: Highest quality at the best price!

We are your problem solvers!

Did you know? With large, established companies, you often have to go through complicated processes. Everything must be done as per their rules, something that takes a lot of time and nerves. In comparison, our clients value our fast and uncomplicated answers.

We work with a total problem solver mentality!

Peace of Mind

What we provide will help you succeed: Your new spare parts will simply fit, repairs or inspections performed by Turbomachines are done punctually and successfully. This is thanks to the decades of experience of our team in the turbine service. The reliability of Turbomachines creates a new 'Peace of Mind' feeling for your planning and production!

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