Design of spare parts for your machines

Sometimes it is difficult to obtain spare parts for your machines, either because your system is an older model for which spare parts are no longer available. Or they are available, but the cost from the original manufacturer is too high.

Turbomachines can help you here in a special way. Using reverse engineering, we can even recreate complex parts like valve spindles, turbine vanes, compressor rotors, labyrinth bushes or oil seal rings perfectly.

For this, we both measure the original part or scan it in 3D scanner and redesign it using the most modern processes. Based on this data, we will then manufacture the part from the highest quality materials with exact fit. The result is as good as the original.

See below two typical examples for parts designed and produced by Turbomachines:

Design as per measurement

Example: Bearing pads for axial bearing

Shown in this example are spare parts for an axial bearing. For tilting pad bearing types, segments are used as contact for the rotor contact surface. These segments are also called as bearing jewels by other manufacturers.

The segments are typical wear-and-tear parts of an axial bearing. Since the geometry here is fairly simple, we take the measurements with manual measuring instruments.

Then, Turbomachines creates a production drawing from the measurements. Depending on the complexity of the part and the required manufacturing process, we create a simple 2D drawing or a 3D volume model.

Reverse engineering using 3D laser scan

Example: Steam turbine vanes

Our product portfolio also includes guide vanes and rotor blades of steam turbines. You need relevant construction experience in this industry for reverse engineering.

The vane geometry can be measured manually. However, it takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. Thus, Turbomachines uses a 3D scanner for this.

Even here, we must know other operating parameters like steam pressure and temperature besides just the dimensions. With this data, we will manufacture the steam turbine vanes from the required material using the newest manufacturing processes as per dimensions and specifications.

The spare part thus recreated is ready for installation or can be delivered with a long-term preservation, depending on the requirements of your revision planning.

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