Repairs done exactly as you wish

We at Turbomachines always perform repairs in close consultation with the client. Our repairs are done in a completely transparent manner. For this, we create appropriate finding reports and ask permission before performing any repairs.

Thus, you get exactly the repairs you need - and your systems are back in operation quickly. Our most frequent repairs are:

Casing- and labyrinth bushes repairRotor repairTransmission repairRepair of hydraulic control blocksRepair of steam valves

Rotor repair

A turbine- or compressor rotor works under a lot of stress and friction, for example: 
- Corrosion due to humidity in the medium, 
- Erosion due to smaller external bodies or droplet erosion, 
- Formation of deposits due to contaminated operating medium, 
- Rubbing damage in the labyrinth areas, 
- Heavy abrasion, 
- Blade wear, 
- Impact of external bodies in the blade channel or on rotors.

We precisely analyze the damage. After cleaning by sandblasting and then checking for cracks, we then perform a concentricity check. The necessary repairs are then defined based on the results of these steps and a visual inspection. Such work is extremely individual for each rotor.

The repairs vary from simple renovation of the labyrinth strips up to a complete replacement of all vane rows. Finally, we always recommend the high speed balancing at operating speed for the function- and quality test.

Casing- and labyrinth bushes repair

Your housings and labyrinth bushes are under enormous forces during operation. Typically, we see the following findings after a service interval of 3 - 6 years:

 - Corrosion
 - Erosion
 - Deposits
 - Leaching
 - Abrasion
 - Scaling

With so many types of wear-and-tear, there are a number of possible repair solutions. We will inspect your parts closely and offer you the most viable option. This includes renovation of the labyrinth strips, build-up welding or milling. In case of deeper corrosion- or erosion damage, we will also renovate the part areas with filling plates or repair bushes.

Transmission repair

For repairing transmissions, it is important to determine the exact cause as well as extent of the damage. At Turbomachines, we first have a good look before beginning the transmission repair.

At the beginning, the wear patterns on the wheel and pinion are recorded. This is done using ink imprints. If smaller damages are found in this, then we will discuss with you if it is enough to mill the damaged places. For this, the design team checks if the maximum torques need to be possibly reduced. Naturally, this is done after discussion with the client and your approval.

In case of more significant damages, we will completely measure the wheel and pinion shaft and produce both new.

Repair of hydraulic control blocks

First, your control blocks are disassembled to perform a visual check for damage and then cleaned and oil-flushed.

Basically, all seals are always replaced in case of hydraulic blocks. Other components like magnetic- or proportional valves can be replaced based on the findings.

Then, the block is reassembled and a pressure test with leakage inspection is performed. A function test of the magnetic valves or the determination of pressure curves of the proportional valves is also possible. Lastly, the available time and budget will also be agreed upon in the discussion.

Repair of steam valves

Steam valves are subject to wear-and-tear due to corrosion, erosion, friction in the guide bushes and on the valve seat. Moreover, there is scaling at high temperatures.

If you order a workshop repair, Turbomachines basically replaces the valve spindles, the pipe bushes and the valve plugs. Depending on the type of valve, the valve seat can also be replaced. Then, we analyze the repairs and together with you decide if it is necessary to finish it by polishing the valve seats with the valve plugs.

Further repairs for corrosion- or erosion damages can be offered as per the findings and performed after approval by the client.

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