Parts for Pumps

Suitable spare parts for your pump systems

The continuously high, sometimes fluctuating pressure in pumps puts a high load on all components. If these fail, then they have to be replaced at a cost of time and money. Often, individual components are not available or are very expensive.

Turbomachines provides you with reasonably priced individual parts. If the parts are no longer available, we can make them using our inhouse reverse engineering - and that in original quality. Here are some examples of our product range:


Two-wedge bearing of a feed-water pump of a steam generator

Mechanical seals

Seals for drainage pumps

Air Mizer seals

Air Mizer oil seal rings for large axial movement and shaft displacement with seal gas option from  Inpro/Seal® 

Leakage-free seals

Leakage-free seals from  Inpro/Seal®

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