Parts for steams turbines

Suitable spare parts for your Steam Turbines

Steam turbines play a big role in production. If they fail, it hampers production. You need suitable spare parts for your steam turbines in OEM quality, but original components are often extremely expensive. This is where Turbomachines comes in.

Here are a few typical examples of our product- and service range:

Guide vanes

Individual vanes, complete series of vanes, nozzles and guide rings

Rotor blades

impulse and reaction type, individual blades, complete stages


Thrust bearing, radial bearing, 2- and 4-wedge type bearing, tilting pad bearing

Labyrinth oil seals

Labyrinth oil seals for high rotating speeds, temperatures and pressures

Leakage-free oil seals

Oil seal rings from our partner Inpro/Seal® are leakage-free 

Servo cylinder

Complete cylinder, pistons, spindles, sealing sleeves and seal sets

Eccentric bolts

Eccentric bolts in OEM quality

Valve bar

As assembly or individual valve cones, valve bars or valve screws

Valve spindles

For control valves and quick-closing valves, as assembly or individual parts

Valve seats

Valve seats for stop and control valves; basic type, coated, armored or with allowance

Split line bolts

Made of all heat-resistant materials, with and without heating bore

Cap nuts

Cap nuts made from all heat-resistant materials

Seal strips

Seal strips and labyrinths made of heat-resistant steel, brass rings for oil seals


Joint heads, piston-, rod- and flat seals, graphite- and carbon seals, O-rings

Connecting elements

Screws, nuts, calottes, spherical disks and much more

Brush seals

Brush seals from  Inpro/Seal®: high temperatures, lowest steam leakages 

Fabric brushes

From simple fabric brushes to complex special brushes 

Grounding brushes

From simple metal brushes to graphite brushes

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