Parts for Compressors

Suitable spare parts for your Compressors 

From rotors to bearings and sealing inserts up to cover disks and complete rotors: During operation your compressor parts are exposed to high forces and wearing. No wonder that they have to be replaced after a certain time. Instead of the often expensive original components, Turbomachines provides you with spare parts in original quality. For very complex parts, reverse engineering and exact recreations of the parts is a good option, which Turbomachines also provides. Here are some examples of our product range:


Impeller for single-shaft compressors or geared compressors


Split/combined axial-radial bearings, tilting pad bearings, axial or radial in the bearing housing, bearing jewels

Sealing Inserts

As labyrinth seal ring between rotor shaft and housing, circumferencial or split line design

Oil seal rings

As labyrinth seal ring between rotor shaft and housing

Cover Disks

As labyrinth sealing in the front or rear shaft section

Split Line Sealing Inserts

For installation in the casing upper- and lower part

Leakage-free oil seal rings

Leakage-free oil seal rings from our partner  Inpro/Seal®

Rotor grounding systems

Rotor grounding systems from  Inpro/Seal®  for protecting your systems

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